Saturday, December 30, 2017

The Great Resolution

Okay ... it's less than 24 hours before the big ball drops , but, in case you're busy at that time, let me wish a HAPPY 2018 TO EVERYBODY!

Actually, I think we're all happy '17 is gettin' outta the way. And the best part is that we've got an unused model (so far, it's still got the sticker on it) that we can make into anything we wanna.
Most of us have already made resolutions ... but, in about a week, some are gonna wonder why they haven't worked out. They think resolutions, like the money that bill collectors hound us for, must be due immediately, and transacted in full!

But it doesn't work that way. Y'see, it's a two-sided word: On the one hand, the noun "resolution" comes from the word, "resolve", which means "determination"; on the other hand, the verb and the computer versions of it means "clarification".
So if we can clarify our desire, and work at it with determination, we're there!But it doesn't happen overnight ... ya gotta keep workin' at it until that desire becomes a reality!

Sometimes, we don't get it because we're so busy living in our little "comfort zones" that we tailor our resolutions to fit that, as we've always done. Remember the old saying, though (page 238 of the Old Sayings songbook): "If you always think like you always thought, you'll always get what you always got!" I think it means "always".

So, this year, I'm calling for a Resolutionary War! Gettin' out from under the blanket of that comfort zone, taking a few calculated risks, and, even if we're feeling a bit like a fish outta water (any fish except cod. I believe in cod ...), going for it if it's honorable!

But we've still gotta be patient while these resolutions take hold. That's the hardest part. But if you really, really want those rezzies to work, then get outta that bed of familiarity and rattle them pots and pans of positive movement!
And you can shake-rattle-&-roll yourself through a pretty decent 2011!

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